• All in all this box is an amazing value. We're also super excited you have chosen to support local and small business by purchasing Serenity Chest by The Mystic Eye. Serenity Chest is designed so that opening it and discovering each item is an experience in and of itself. The Mystic Eye Supply aims to provide a luxury experience, by sparing no expense and locally sourcing quality items from small artisanal businesses.
  • Sourcing as many ethically sourced, hand-made and local items that we can possibly find is extremely important to us, so with that we include all of the falling in each and every single box:
  • • One artisanal bar of coconut soap with top notes of thyme, bergamot and cedar base notes for a very well rounded fresh bright and woodsy scent. 100% hand made in Alberta, Canada by The Beaver County Soap Company
  • or
  • • One bar of vegan cold-pressed small batch artisanal soap in one of 12 scents. 100% made in Ontario, Canada by Crate 61
  • • A bag of 7 assorted stones representing each chakra. Hand curated in Surrey, BC by Sugar Fayce
  • • A hand crafted macrame talisman made by Knotworks in Northern British Columbia
  • • One full-size tapestry or two half-size tapestries of various designs (the design is a surprise and our choice please!)
  • • One 4oz hand poured beautifully scented candle in either Honey & Nectarine, Sage & Sea Salt, Peach & Honey Oat Milk, or Sage & Citrus. Made of ethically sourced soy wax produced by hand by The Mystic Eye Supply
  • • One adorable moulded decorative succulent candle
  • • One package of 10 gourmet incense sticks in one of four rich congenial scents
  • • A nickel and copper alloy lotus incense burner
  • • $40 gift certificate for a reading with Wayne at The Mystic Eye Astrology & Tarot
  • • One glass vial of black salt.
  • • One hand made decorative coconut bowl and utensil. This can double to float candles in water on your alter or to snub out your sage bundle.
  • • Keepsake magnetic box to store all your items when you're done
  • • And a handful of more surprises in each and every box.
  • **Optional** • One hand tied sage bundle sourced from the Okanagan Valley - because our wholesaler cannot truly vouch for its source we have decided to lower the price of the box by our wholesale cost of this item and simply offer these for free if you choose to include it or not.
The Mystic Eye is a 100% Queer business dedicated to sourcing quality and ethical products. Collecting things for your altar can take a lot of time and a lot of energy that not a lot of us have to spare in our present day and age. But we shouldn't let the state of the world stop us from taking care of ourselves. Now is the most important time to make sure you are looking after yourself mentally and spiritually. Let The Mystic Eye take care of that for you. We have hand curated an absolutely gorgeous box full of all the items you need for a self care ritual to take care of your mind, body and spirit.
Serenity Chest comes with products to nourish your body, have a glorious meditative bath, and heal yourself spiritually with all the items needed to make a meditation altar.
We have carefully and meticulously picked each item for their quality, beauty, ambience and their ability to balance out the stress of life with some peace and serenity. We know you're going to love everything in this crate. You truly deserve to treat yourself.

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$145 CAD

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